Educational tours Barcelona

Educational tours Barcelona

Why should you choose graffiti and street art for your educational tours in Barcelona?

Cooltourspain's school and university artistic experiences may probably be one of the most alternative things to do in town for students! Combine your educational tours in Barcelona with a didactical street art guided visit and a graffiti hands-on activity. Young participants are 100% engaged and motivated, using spray cans, listening to the guide's instructions and participating with questions and answers. A colorful and different guided visit led by local graffiti writers and urban artists at unique downtown locations. Let them participate in an unforgettable event!

The educational workshop is a 100% hands-on experience
Hands-on experience

We believe that students are more engaged when offered something to touch. That's why our educational tours in Barcelona are not just a 'point & look' activity, but an experience where teenagers can learn by doing. The educational graffiti workshop has been designed to approach the art's subject in a completely alternative way. It's time to use manipulatives.

different workstations in the educational workshop

Participants will be divided into groups of 15-18, so that every guest practices the different techniques used on street art. On one hand, students will listen to small group instructions, but one the other they will practice as a group, with a stencil graffiti decoration. They'll create it with recycled plastic materiales and water based spray cans. Doesn't it sound appealing to your student trip?

water based spray paint is used during the educational workshop
Water based spray paint

Cooltourspain works with low odor water soluble paint for the school workshops and educational tours in Barcelona. Can you imagine 50 students spray painting at the same time with no strong smell in an outdoors venue? The products used do perfectly fit for didactic purposes.

gift for educators included in the educational workshop
Gift for educators on the educational tours Barcelona

It's clear that we focus our services for the students' learning skills, but we do not leave educators aside. Group coordinators and school teachers will receive a special present from us. You will design & color a 100% cotton tote bag while students are engaged on the artistic task.

FAQ: Educational tours in Barcelona

Does the educational workshop fit all audiences?
Yes, they do. We’ve organized activities for groups of students aged 12 school, as well as older groups from middle & high schools, and universities from all over the world. There exists different sizes for spray cans, so that everyone is able to hold them.
Will students' clothes get dirty?
If they follow our leaders’ instructions, there is no risk that their clothes are spray painted. Cooltourspain’s team will make also sure that every participant follows instructions to engage their creativity in a safe way.
Is there a maximum number of students for the educational tours in Barcelona?
No, there isn’t. You should take into consideration that we will divide the total number of students by 15-18. Then we will count with the required street art guides. That’s the ratio we use in order to offer quality experiences.
Can you recommend us a place where to eat or a hotel for school groups?
Of course we can! Please fill in the form that you will find within this page. A Cooltourspain representative will contact you in less than 24 hours. There are several suggentions that we would like to share with your group.
How much do educators pay for the educational workshop?
Educators receive a completely FREE pass for our street art educational tours in Barcelona. We believe that it will help lower down the costs of the final budget and make the quote more attractive. Isn’t it catchy?
Would it be possible to choose the guided visit's starting time?
Groups who hire our services for a private event may choose the starting time. There are two slots available in the morning. 10.00am or 12.30. Later, we would be available at 4.00pm. Please send us your request.

Educational tours Barcelona pricing

Stencil graffiti
All ages
  • Stencil graffiti
  • + 2 hours tour
  • English language
  • Local guide

Reviews of our school tours in Barcelona

The graffiti tour + workshop was one of the highlights of our trip. We got a completely unique opportunity to experience the street art culture. Javi & Riccardo were very knowledgeable and led a very interactive experience. Students were engaded at all the time and the final artistic touch was superb! Thank you guys.
Michelle, Spanish coordinator. Toulouse, France
May 2023
Fascinating experience! Friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic staff. Our students participated in the different processes of a graffiti wall and the instructors inspired the group. They didn't want to finish the activity. 100% recommended.
David, Boston College head teacher.
April 2023
This was the best activity we could have chosen if we had to do just one thing in Barcelona! Patricia led an inspiring street art tour where we got a glimpse of the life of an artist, their concerns, their protests, their quirkiness. We loved the neighborhoods we walked by and the experience organization and planning. Such a great way to interact and inspire our students for the change. Highly recommended!
Thomas. Spanish tutor. Norway
October 2022

from 10€ /student

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