Graffiti workshops Barcelona

Graffiti workshops Barcelona

Why should you choose our graffiti workshops in Barcelona?

Our alternative street art experiences are offered privately to groups of students, coworkers, friends and family members who are interested in participating in an artsy activity while in town. Join now our graffiti workshops in Barcelona led by local street art artists and discover a new world full of color and creativity. Celebrate your DMC or MICE events in Barcelona. Our 'ateliers' are celebrated in open walls located in different open air downtown areas. All of them legal.

1:15 group ratio
1:15 ratio - participants : artist

Cooltourspain sets a maximum number of participants per each graffiti workshop leader. Our experience as professional art educators tell us that great quality standards are achieved when every single participant enjoy. Scaffolded activities are offered so that the experience fits all audiences and needs. No previous experience required!

Our graffiti workshops in Madrid boost the creativity

Which patterns will you be using on the wall? Which specific colors will you use to paint? Let your imagination flow! The graffiti workshops in Barcelona count with an introduction on how to sketch your street art performance, but we always encourage our guests to be as creative as they can! Professional artists will guide you on the overall process.

The graffiti workshops in Madrid encourage the teamwork

The development of our street art workshops in Barcelona involves all participants in the game. Group members will receive different artistic roles. For instance, while part of the group decorates the background colorful patterns, the other half is assigned with the school or companies' slogan design, and vice versa. Let us create an individualized experience for your group.

#1 Graffiti workshops leaders in Barcelona since 2016

These are the different street art & graffiti experiences we run in Catalunya's capital city and several other cities around the country. Please note that they might be customized according to the group's requirements & necessities.

group of friends at a graffiti bachelor party in barcelona
2 Hours

Bachelor party Barcelona

spray painting with your beloved one
2 Hours


graffiti workshop for teenagers
2 Hours

Barcelona with kids


What's included in the graffiti workshops in Barcelona?

We are awarded professionals on the field, and the user experience is very important to us! These are the key points that will highlight our graffiti workshops Barcelona. Please take into account that we tailor the services according to the group's requirements.

quality products used for our graffiti workshops in Madrid
Only top quality products

We work with the two most important graffiti stores in town. That's to say, Writers and Montana. In this sense, Cooltourspain's graffiti workshops in Barcelona will offer you the finest spray cans for the experience. Group coordinators will receive the opportunity to choose the colors that will be later used on the wall.

Our graffiti workshops in Madrid use safety equipment
Safety equipment

A local emergent artist and his/her assistants will first talk to you about safety procedures. Please make sure you follow your instructors' safety signs before getting hands to work during our street art related activities. No doubt that the best experience is the one enjoyed responsibly. Each participant will receive disposable gloves to cover your hands.

professional graffiti writers for our street art workshops in madrid
Professional graffiti writers

Experienced local writers and street art artists run our alternative activities. This project supports the emergent urban art scene in town, collaborating with local crews. Our team members are qualified guides and artists who speak different languages, including English, French and Spanish.

The graffiti workshops in Madrid may include food and beverages
Food/beverages for your MICE & DMC event

Your incentive may include a snack and beverages during the artistic process. Relax and chill with a drink and food. Cooltourspain partners with local sloppy food restaurants located at Mercat Santa Caterina. Ask us at or +34638399784 for further details.

Where are located the open walls for graffiti workshops in Barcelona?

There are several outdoor walls that the city council promotes for cultural, artistic and social development. Depending on the group's size and the event's date & season, we'll choose one or another open air space or indoors venue to develop this street art experience. What's sure is that you'll definitely like it! Which one do you prefer?

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