Costa Brava experiences

Costa Brava experiences

Why should you choose our alternative experiences & things to do along the Costa Brava?

The following services were designed for those who are visiting Girona's coast line, whether as part of a group, or an individual family. Cooltourspain offers unique experiences for all audiences, integrating graffiti, street art, cultural heritage and an alternative point of view of the Costa Brava. Local specialists will guide you off the beaten path, with a sustainable and responsible approach. Don't miss our activities in Tossa de Mar, Blanes, Cadaqués...

alternative and different point of view
Different point of view

Our alternative tours in the Costa Brava will offer you an insider cultural, historical and social perspective of Catalunya: Barcelona and Girona. Listen to the stories that our local experts have carefully edited and prepared for you. Learn about the modern and post-industrial building styles, the Catalan history or the Mediterranean lifestyle.

new alternative experiences in town
Graffiti related activities

Cooltourspain team members are continuously exploring different ways of teaching travellers about street art and graffiti. In that sense, our experiencies in the Costa Brava will offer you the opportunity to spray paint on a wall, and paint with markers on stickers and 100% cotton tote bags. Are you ready for some action?

local guides for the alternative tours in Madrid
Official and certified guides

A group of professional and experienced architects, activists, historians and professional graffiti and street art artists develop our differentiated activities. We will show you Spain and Catalonia's culture and lifestyle in an alternative way! Experience Barcelona and Girona like a local, visiting the spots such as Blanes' Saint Joan castle or Tossa de Mar's fortress.

Costa Brava activities for groups

Discover the alternative stories that we've prepared for you and explore the Costa Brava as you may not do on your own. Listen to the past and present of the Catalan society, as well as learn about graffiti techniques and styles. These are the walking tours and experiences available in English, French, and Spanish language:

Tossa de Mar tour by sunset
2 Hours

Tossa de Mar tour

Blanes city tour price
Blanes city tour

Blanes city tour

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Facts that you should know about Cooltourspain's Costa Brava experiences

We are sustainably and responsibly committed to the touristic and cultural sectors in Catalunya. Check our unique things to do!

Castle Tossa de Mar, Girona- Costa Brava
Medieval history

There exists a rich cultural inheritance in the area, both in Blanes and Tossa de Mar. Moreover, these Costa Brava experiences will surprise both young and adults. Do not expect any entrance fees, as these XIII - XV century buildings are open to the public all year long in a public way.

Transfer from Barcelona to Costa Brava
Transfer included *

Guillermo is an English speaking experienced driver whose fleet may accommodate small and large groups. His Mercedes Class V vehicles, as well as the transit vans are equipped in a modern and luxurious way. How many people does you party include?

Non-disclosed historical facts

Listen to Iván's stories during our alternative tours in the Costa Brava. How did 'Catalans' (local people) lived during the XIX century? Check how did the society worked back then, and which were the different social status associated to peasants and the monarchy.

An extra value for your trip

Our Costa Brava experiences are recommended to groups travelling to Barcelona for at least 4-5 days. In that sense, you'll have the opportunity to explore Barcelona in depth, as well as the chance to visit one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Spain. No wonder why it's called 'Brava'.

Private tours along the Costa Brava

Enjoy an exclusive way to visit the stunning coastal line along Girona's province

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